What are the main reasons for obesity?
The primary factors that cause weight gain, metabolic disease, and obesity include: • Genetics: Obesity is directly linked to genetics. Children of obese parents are likelier to become obese themselves. However, do not think that the effects of obesity are predetermined. What you consume has a vital impact on which genes are expressed and which aren’t. • Junk Food: Foods that have been heavily processed are often nothing but refined ingredients combined with additives. These products are cheap, long-lasting, and taste good. Thus, they - along with fast foods - lead to overeating. • Food Addiction: A lot of high-fat, sweetened junk foods stimulate your brain’s reward centers. These fast foods may cause addiction in some individuals and lead to uncontrolled eating. • Aggressive Marketing: Manufacturers of junk foods often promote the products aggressively. In fact, some unhealthy items are often marketed as healthy eatables. Worse, they target the marketing primarily towards children, who lack the experience and knowledge to understand they’re being misled. • Insulin: This vital hormone regulates energy storage. It allows fat cells to store fat and retain the fat they already carry. Many studies indicate that high insulin levels result in the development of obesity. • Sugar: Added sugar is one of the major reasons for childhood obesity. Sugar alters the biochemistry and hormones of your body when consumed excessively. This leads to weight gain.
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