What are the leading causes of acne scars?
Skin conditions like acne bring down your confidence and affect your self-esteem. The worst part is, this problem is more widespread than you think, affecting nearly 80 percent of all individuals between 11 and 30 years of age. While many lucky ones experience a gradual decline in acne symptoms with time, others suffer from acne scarring, which deteriorates the appearance of their skin. Why does this happen? Find out below: • Skin Trauma: Acne scars are the direct outcome of deep skin trauma. Your skin starts to look irregular, and the overall texture changes dramatically. The condition even manifests in sections of raised or pitted skin, either on your face or body. • Pore Problems: The beginning of acne scarring can be traced back to pores or follicles that become engorged with dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oil. The pores start to swell, eventually breaking your follicle wall. Deep breaks in the follicle wall lead to severe lesions as the infected substance comes in contact with the dermis and damages healthy skin tissue. Your skin attempts to fix the damage to the dermis by forming new collagen fibers for greater flexibility and strength. But this “repair” work is rarely flawless and smooth, setting up the stage for the formation of acne scars. • Acne Type: Scarring is also dependent on the type of acne you’re suffering from. Blackheads and whiteheads, for example, don’t normally cause scarring. On the other hand, inflammatory acne like nodules and cysts are prone to long-term black scar formation as they affect the deeper layers of your skin. Acne scars can develop irrespective of how carefully you care for your skin. Thankfully, there are different acne scar removal treatments and creams available for treating this problematic skin condition. Choose the best one for your skin type and get the clean, blemish-free skin you always wanted. Consult a dermatologist and he/she will guide you on the best treatment for your condition.
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