What are the effects of erectile dysfunction on your relationships?
Erectile dysfunction, while not life-threatening, significantly affects the emotional health of your romantic partner. What this means is a couple who is ill-equipped to handle the problem may experience lasting damage on the relationship. Anger, Blame, and Guilt Erectile dysfunction doesn’t just affect the man; it has a drastic psychological impact on women as well. Why? Because many men are prone to blaming their erectile problems on their partner, often indirectly. Moreover, many women blame themselves for erectile dysfunction even when their partners explicitly state that they have no hand in their problem. Under such circumstances, women might be susceptible to feelings of low self-esteem and guilt. Treatment vs. Resignation Many couples choose to continue their relationship, thereby depriving themselves of sexual pleasure and intimacy. In some cases, couples hesitate to bring up the topic, and even deny that any problem exists in the first place. Both people should learn as much as possible about erectile dysfunction, and try to find an effective treatment plan that will resolve their erectile dysfunction problems. Men should schedule an appointment with the doctor to check what kind of medication can yield positive results. You might even consider sex therapy or couples counselling if you want to address the problem in the most effective way possible.
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