What are the effective medicines for constipation?
If modest lifestyle changes fail to improve your bowel movement, try these allopathic medicines after consulting an experienced physician. Laxatives • Fiber Supplements: These add weight to the stool allowing its easy passage. However, take care to stay profusely hydrated when taking excess fiber so it does not block the excreta within. Medicines containing psyllium, wheat dextrin, calcium polycarbophil and methylcellulose fiber are good options to try. Similarly, based on a pediatrician’s consultation, fiber supplements with metamucil can be administered to constipated children. • Stimulants: These shrivel the intestines and are recommended in acute constipation. You can consider correctol, senna-sennosides and bisacodyl to cure your evacuation issues. • Osmotic Laxatives: These stream water down the intestines letting stool flush out easily. Oral sodium phosphate, magnesium citrate, lactulose, magnesium hydroxide and polyethylene glycol are some known examples. • Lubricants: Mineral oil and akin lubricants make the stool come out of the colon more easily. • Stool Softeners: These moisten the stool utilizing intestinal water and make it flush out easily. • Enemas: Stool can also be dampened and a BM triggered with sodium phosphate, soapsuds and tap water enemas. Along the same lines, mineral oil and polyethylene glycol enemas do good in cases of constipation in children caused by internal stool amassing. • Suppositories: Glycerin and bisacodyl suppositories are some more stool moistening alternatives. Glycerin suppositories work well for constipation in infants who have had an anal fissure before while passing hard pellets. Other prescription medicines • Lubiprostone and Linaclotide: By making more water available in the intestines, these help relieve chronic constipation. • Plecanatide: It causes the bowels to move by allowing fluid creation in the intestines. It is useful particularly in case of chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC). • Misoprostol: It increases the frequency of defecation and speeds up excretal movement through the digestive tract.
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