What are the different types of depression disorder?
Depression is a mood disorder associated with prolonged spans of despondency. Different sorts of depressive disorders have been recognized with varying signs, symptoms and treatments. • Clinical Depression: Commonly known as unipolar or major depression, clinical depression involves a feeling of despondency that endures for chunks of the day for at least 2 weeks. Subjects may be victimized once or the depressive state may keep returning in their lifespan. This condition grossly intrudes in your normal lifestyle. • Bipolar Depression: Manic depression is marked by intervals of mania or hypomania and periods of stable mood. Insomnia, energy surges, tetchiness, rushing thoughts, rapid speech, dwindling focus and frustration are the manic symptoms. In severe cases, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations and paranoid rage are also observed. This mood or affective disorder may impede normal perception, thinking patterns and social functioning of subjects. • Dysthymia: Chronic depression is akin to unipolar depression in symptoms. The difference lies in intensity and duration – symptoms being less dire, fewer and more long-term (felt almost daily for at least 2 years) in case of dysthymia. Often, chronic depression in time undergoes an aggravation of symptoms that onsets episodes of clinical depression – a complicated state called ‘double depression.’ • SAD: Seasonal affective disorder follows a seasonal cyclic movement, afflicting subjects the same time every year. Mood swings – episodes of mania or depression – are a chief trait of this disorder. The most common form of SAD is depression onsetting in winters or fall and ending in early summer or spring. Decreased light exposure during winters is believed to cut down the release of the brain chemical serotonin. Alternately, studies pinpoint attitude related changes induced by certain brain hormones to be the cause of SAD. However, the root of SAD may not always be known. Symptoms may range from weight gain, oversleeping, binge eating, carb cravings to limping energy.
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