What are the different types of anxiety disorders?
Anxiety disorders are mental health issues involving persistent fears, worries or anxieties, capable to impact your normal lifestyle. The major types of anxiety disorders are: • GAD: Generalized anxiety disorder has the subject fretting over various aspects of day-to-day life, such as work, family, health, money, domestic chores etc. The stress is intense although the situation does not really call for it. Laying down the exact symptoms of GAD is difficult as different people experience different behavioral problems. • Social Phobia: Excessive fear or anxiety triggered by social situations or interactions is social anxiety disorder. Performing in public like giving a speech, being overseen while at work or simply going outdoors with friends can be the cause of excessive anxiety. Social phobia can be specific wherein a specific deep-seated fear or situation troubles the subject’s mind. • Panic Disorder: Panic attacks are a type of over-the-top fear response by your body to a perceived threat. Having panic attacks consecutively, characterized by certain physical symptoms, constitutes panic disorder. Patients typically worry for a long span of time about having another panic attack after they have had one – a fear that may actually bring on more panic attacks. They stress over the impact of a panic attack and may modify their behavior due to the panic attack. Repeated medical check-ups, fearing an undiagnosed medical problem are examples of such behaviors. • Specific Phobias: When the subject blows out of proportion his fearful response to a certain frightening object, situation or activity, it is termed as specific phobia. The mere thought or talk about the phobic stimulus can prompt the anxious behavior. • PTSD: Post traumatic stress disorder is anxiety experienced by individuals who have been victimized to or witnessed a traumatic event before in their lives. Such events may have threatened their safety or of those around them in concrete ways. Sexual abuse, accident, war, traumatic childbirth, terrorist attack etc. are some causes of PTSD. • OCD: Obsessive compulsive disorder is presence of obsessions and/or compulsions induced by a recurrent disturbing thought. Obsessions are unsettling urges, doubts, pictures or thoughts that come again in the subject’s mind. Compulsions are repetitive behaviors undertaken in an attempt to deal with the obsessions. • Health Anxiety Disorder: OCD associated with your well-being characterizes as health anxiety disorder. The subject is under the constant fear of undergoing through an ailment – at present or in future.
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