What are the differences between stress and anxiety?
Stress and anxiety are comparable conditions with differences in intensity. Stress is a reaction to a perceived danger whereas reaction to this stress constitutes anxiety. • Occasional and short-lived edginess may be stress. However, when the feelings of unease last even after the removal of phobic stimulus, you may be experiencing anxiety: it has no real being. • Stress may have an epidemic incidence in the contemporary times, whereas anxiety is a health issue that afflicts comparatively lesser no. of people and needs strict medical diagnosis. • Chronic stress depletes your physical health, manifested in symptoms like headaches, chest pain, high BP, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, skin rashes, etc. On the other hand, anxiety disorders cause mind-body symptoms right from the start. Yet, both the ailments share some common symptoms too like insomnia, fatigue, disproportionate agitation, loss of focus, irritability, pounding heart rate, muscle tension, headaches, etc. Only expert professional diagnosis can tell one from another. • Stress may mildly or majorly interfere with your day-to-day life. However, an anxiety attack is infamous to almost always hamper your rational lifestyle in severe ways to the point of becoming uncontrollable, particularly in cases of compulsive behaviors. • Stress may be an early warning sign of anxiety or depression. Among the many risk factors for anxiety, stress is a big one. However, anxiety can be prompted by a number of other factors ranging from family history, environmental elements, pre-experience of traumatic events, substance abuse, wrong medicines, etc. • Stress could be positive or negative. If it improves your performance at work, it’s surely a positive catalyst. When it causes sleepless nights, lack of focus, headaches, binging, it’s negative. Anxiety, however, has no known positive effects and is treated as a medical condition. Self-help tips to control stress and anxiety vary significantly. Medical treatments will also relieve each condition differently.
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