What are the best hair fall treatment options that facilitate hair growth?
Hair loss problems can be effectively resolved with the following treatments: • Medication: Hair loss occurring due to some underlying disease is treated with medication. This includes drugs that decrease inflammation and suppress the immune system. If a particular medicine is the reason behind your hair fall, your doctors may ask you to avoid that drug for a minimum of three months. • Hair Transplant Surgery: Permanent hair loss normally affects just the top of your head. Restoration surgery or hair transplant can help you overcome this problem. During the hair transplant, cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists remove small patches of skin, each containing a few hair from the side or back of your scalp. The hair is then implanted follicle by follicle into the sections affected by baldness. A few doctors suggest the use of minoxidil post-transplant since it is the best at boostinghair growth in men and women. In some cases, more than one surgery may be necessary for the desired effect. • Laser Therapy: Low-level laser devices are used to treat men and women suffering from hair loss. • Home and Lifestyle Treatment: Try styling techniques, like scarves, hairpieces and wigs as a temporary solution to your hair loss problem. Speak to a stylist about ideas to hide your bald patches. Ayurveda offers a few natural treatment options for people who want hair growth without any side-effects.
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