What are some tips to reduce hair fall?
Men, women, and children all experience hair loss. But if you’re losing more hair than usual, you might be wondering how to reduce hair fall. What you need are some effective hair fall tips to control the excess shedding. It is possible to stop hair fall by making suitable changes to your lifestyle and taking prescribed medication. • Decrease Stress: Extreme stress levels can cause hair loss. Stay calm by doing yoga, practicing meditation, and taking walks. Write in a journal to sort through your everyday stresses. Hair loss from stress isn’t always permanent. If you’re able to bring down the stress levels, your hair might grow back. • Take Care of Your Hair: Do not go for tight hairstyles, like buns, ponytails, or braids. Avoid pulling, twisting, or rubbing your hair too hard. Also, it’s good to be gentle while washing your hair with warm water. Don’t brush your hair harshly. Use a wide-toothed comb to avoid pulling out additional hairs from your scalp. Skip harsh hair treatments like curling irons, hot oil treatments, and hot rollers. • Drink Water: Hair shafts are made up of 25% water. You need to drink a minimum of eight 8 oz. cups of water each day. Not only will this keep you hydrated but support hair growth as well. • Eat Herbs: Sage is great for increasing hair volume while rosemary promotes growth. Use these herbs weekly in your food and go for fresh instead of dried variants. When you get sufficient nutrition, you successfully bring your hair loss under control.
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