What are some simple yoga exercises for stretching and strengthening?
Without involving high intensity workout sessions, yoga makes for a great option to nurture our system holistically. The practice of yoga entails stretching out the organs while calming ourselves to rejuvenate the mind and body from within. Read more on some yogic exercises that can help improve your vigor and endurance: • Naukasana (Boat Pose): Core strength is both a requisite and a consequence of this posture. It puts the abdomen, spine and lower back muscles in action. Plus, when done regularly, it promotes weight loss by contracting and toning the abs. • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose): Ideal for the whole of the lower body strengthening, this posture especially helps curb knee pain. Simultaneously, it works on the thighs, calf muscles, hips, joints, butt and ankles. • Face Yoga: Similar to asanas strengthening the bodily functions, facial yoga revitalizes the face muscles. It encourages the flow of blood and oxygen to the face and boosts the process of skin cell regeneration. By stretching your face muscles, you end up making the skin firmer and reducing tension in the face and cervical areas. It is also effective in fighting puffy eyes, eye bags, dark circles, nasal folds, laugh lines, creases, wrinkles, jowls, double chin and other facial disfigurements. • Breathing Yoga: ‘Prana’ is our subtle life force and ‘ayama’ represents its stretching or extension of the breath. Control over the breath translates to a direct control over our core vitality, helping to develop the body's inner strength and combat the effects of stress on the system.
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