What are some effective home remedies for acne?
There are some home remedies for acne that produce visible results overnight. These solutions are some of the fastest and most effective natural remedies. However, please note that not all remedies are suited for your skin type. One solution might yield great results for one person but have no effect on others. So, you need to understand what works for your skin before you incorporate the ingredient in your daily skin care regimen. • Green Tea: Green tea contains antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds that stave off acne. For best result, apply a cooled cup of green tea either as a face wash or place the bag over the problem area. • Tea Tree Oil: This organic substance naturally combats inflammation without any harshness. But don’t apply the solution more than twice a day; it can dry your skin and worsen your acne. • Garlic: Garlic’s antiseptic properties prevent bacteria from invading your skin. Plus, sulfur and other natural components help cure acne. • Cucumber: Cucumber easily soothes the skin by providing nutrient like Vitamins A, C, and E that boost acne healing and prevention. Regular use helps avoid oily skin and acne breakouts. Not all home remedies work for acne. But once you figure out which ones are suited to your skin type, you can easily get that clear, blemish-free skin you always wanted.
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