What are some common nightfall myths that cause various problems in men?
Nightfall is the spontaneous ejaculation of semen that occurs during sleep. Due to the sensitive nature of this common men’s physiological issue, people are hesitant to discuss it out loud, and this has led to the development of various myths about the problem. • Nightfall Is Wrong: Absolutely not! There is nothing abnormal or unusual about nightfall. Many adolescents experience it and the condition goes away on its own as people grow up. Rare occurrences are not harmful to men. • Nightfall Is a Sign of Illness: This is a common myth, which also happens to be totally false. This is a perfectly normal process. Higher frequencies, however, take a toll on the mental and sexual health of the patients. • Nightfall Causes Weakness: One of the biggest falsehoods perpetuated in the community is how nightfall decreases one’s immunity. Nightfall actually occurs when one does not masturbate or abstain from sex. It’s the natural way to remove excess sperms from your testicular sac. • Nightfall Decreases Sperm Count: Nightfall does not reduce your sperm count. Your body relies on this mechanism to induce the formation of healthy sperm. Separating fact from fiction can go a long way in providing the help you need. Discuss the problem with your doctor and ask questions. This will help you get the proper treatment.
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