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What are some common home remedies for allergies in toddlers?
It’s never fun dealing with your child’s allergies. However, there are a couple of natural home remedies available that can prevent the conditions in the first place or bring relief: • Combat Sinus Symptoms: If your kid is sneezing uncontrollably, it could be a sign of dust allergy. Even if you install AC filters in your home and keep your kids indoors to avoid high pollen, it could prove difficult to eliminate airborne allergens entirely. To combat simple respiratory problems like runny nose, try over-the-counter medication for allergies. Your kid can even breathe in steam from hot water to clear out the blocked sinuses. • Get Rid of Skin Allergy: The best home remedy for curing skin and face allergies include antihistamine lotions and creams. Washing the affected area with mild soap and warm water, and then applying calendula or aloe vera gel may also prove helpful. If your child is sensitive to such products, apply fragrance-free and dry moisturizing ointments and creams. • Prevent Stomach Allergies: A bland diet, like toast, rice, bananas, is the best for diarrhea. Ensure your child is drinking sufficient fluids and water. Rest is important and the toddler should be encouraged to remain still. Avoid strong scents that worsen their condition like air fresheners and candles.
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