What are some common exercises that provide relief to COPD patients?
Exercise programs, especially those targeting the heart and lungs, benefit COPD patients. Not only does exercise improve the body’s usage of oxygen, but it improves breathing and decreases symptoms, reduces blood pressure, improves circulation, and strengthens the heart. The four different kinds of COPD exercises include: • Stretching exercises increase the flexibility of the body by lengthening muscles. • Aerobic exercise programs rely on large muscle groups to move steadily and rhythmically. This form of exercise targets the lungs and heart, improving endurance. As a result, the body utilizes oxygen more efficiently and the breathing improves. • Strengthening exercises tighten the muscles till they start tiring out. Once you start doing this for the upper body, the strength of the breathing muscles increase. • Breathing exercises meant to improve the symptoms of COPD patients strengthen the breathing muscles and increase lung capacity, thereby helping them take up more oxygen and breathe with reduced difficulty. Two of the most effective examples of this kind of exercise include diaphragmatic breathing and pursed-lip breathing.
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