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hello madam/sir. I wana lose weight. M 16 yrs old. but no idea I have of how to do Yoga…..pls help me…..both I n my friend wanna try Yoga poses as we find aerobics a bit too hard..pls guide us as beginners about Yoga weight loss exercises.
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Well, as young girls, you can perform the Crescent Pose to shed weight. Apart from that, the posture is useful in giving you flexible strength, stability in the front and back of your torso and tones your lower body. It stretches the chest, shoulders, neck, arms, belly, muscles of the back and the groin. It also bolsters the calves, thighs and ankles. The front foot of right leg should be fixed on the ground with the knee directly over it, making a 90 degree angle with the ankle. Keep the left leg straight, the knees need not bend. The body weight will be distributed backwards on the toes as your back heel moves back and down from the floor. The inner thighs near each other and the pelvis is tucked under. The ribcage is lifted and the chin also tucked. Spine should be sufficiently stretched and your heart feel relaxed. Do not bend the arms or the wrists. Hands can be separate or joint and face each other with fingers spread wide. Look ahead serenely and naturally.

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