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dnt wanna join gym doctor…..im 35 years old, a mother and a housewife…..i want to put off some 5-6 kgs weight that iv recently gains esp in d belly………pls suggest some weight loss exercises for women. Should be not too hard in performing.
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You can go for the well-known cardio exercises that have proven benefits for weight loss. These include walking, running and cycling. You can take a short walk daily in your street or in the park nearest you in the morning or after dinner. If stepping out of the house is totally impossible, try crunches at home that help burn fat, especially around the belly. Crunches also tone up your abdominal muscles. Lie on a mat with your back resting on the floor. Now bend your knees and firmly fix the feet on the floor. Both the hands – bent from elbows – should be behind the head. Slowly, begin lifting your body upwards, taking the shoulders towards the abdomen, such that pressure is exerted on the belly. Start with 50 crunches a day and take it up to as much as you can to put off abdominal fat fast.

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