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About Weight loss

People today are increasingly developing unhealthy lifestyles. Consequently, weight management poses a challenge for most of us around the world. Watching weight is also important to ward off serious health conditions – heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. However, it is crucial to go slow and steady for the weight loss regime to be successful. Dieters should avoid the unhealthy, superfast route to weight loss. Evidence suggests that gradual weight loss – half to one kg per week – is healthy and sustainable. Ideally, weight management is about an active lifestyle that you pursue in the long run, by making permanent changes to your eating and exercise habits. It should not be restricted to temporary crash dieting or overwhelming exercise routines, only to fall back on your sedentary lifestyle later on. A fast weight loss plan may make you lose water and not fat. Cutting back on your diet, particularly carbs, results in water loss in the body due to which weight drops drastically in the initial stages. However, this should be avoided. Equally important is preserving your muscle mass to keep your metabolism functioning properly. Hence, it is necessary to maintain consistent weight loss targets and make thoughtful changes to your diet and exercise schedules after consulting a qualified dietitian.

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