hello doctor, I was tlng my daughter yesterday abt how vitamins are so important for the body. I was telling her what all diseases can happen with deficiency of vitamins. So, can u pleaszz help me a bits on this like by telling me some diseases which happends??
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Several disorders occur due to vitamin deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness and skin dryness. Vitamin B1 deficiency can cause double vision, confusion, memory loss and gait abnormality (difficulty in walking due to disturbances in the nervous system, joints, muscles or other parts of the body that control complex, coordinated movement). Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause anemia, soreness of mouth, tongue and throat, and dermatitis (a condition where the skin becomes itchy and inflamed). Vitamin B3 deficiency can make you vomit, give you hyperpigmented rashes, diarrhea and dementia (conditions related to thinking and social problems that interfere with daily functioning.) Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anemia, impaired gait and balance, memory malfunctions, irritability and dementia. Vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy (a condition characterized by fatigue, weakness and soreness in arms and legs). Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone loss, rickets in children and muscle spasms. Lastly, vitamin E deficiency can cause gait and balance abnormality, muscle weakness and neurological abnormalities whereas vitamin K deficiency can cause skin bruises and poor blood clotting.

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