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About UTI

Your body depends on the urinary system to remove excess water and wastes. It constitutes the two kidneys, the urethra, the bladder, and the two ureters. These organs are susceptible to infections, commonly known as urinary tract infections – UTIs for short. Interestingly, UTIs are the second most widespread infection in the human body. You are probably suffering from a UTI if you detect one or more of the following symptoms: • Frequent urge to urinate • Back pain or below the ribs • Pressure in the lower belly • Foul-smelling reddish or cloudy urine • Burning or pain during urination • Shakiness, tiredness, or fever Anybody can get UTIs, irrespective of age. However, nearly four times as many females get UTIs as men. Also, diabetes patients are at higher risk as are people with spinal cord injuries and those who require a tube to drain the bladder. You should consult a doctor if you think you’ve developed a UTI. Doctors can detect UTIs with the help of a urine test and treat the condition with antibiotics.

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