How will a pregnant lady know that she having urinary tract infection? What are its signs and symptoms while she carrying a baby?
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Characteristically, you will observe the below signs and symptoms in case you have a urinary tract infection during pregnancy: • Pain or a burning sensation while peeing • Strong urge to urinate at frequent intervals • Low urine output • Offensive-smelling, dark, cloudy or bloody urine • Low-grade fever, sweats and/or chills • Pressure, pain or softness in the bladder area • Urine leakage or incontinence • Discomfort, cramps or pain in the lower abdominal area • Nausea, high fever, chills, back ache and/or puking Note that almost all women urinate more frequently than usual while pregnant. However, in case you notice this symptom along with a combination of others, it could be indicative of a UTI. Further, high fever, chills, nausea, back pain and vomiting are evident in case the UTI has grown into a kidney infection already. Please consult your doctor immediately for urgent medical treatment if you suspect a kidney infection.

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