Sukhvir here. Age 26. Recently I had an reaction to seafood and doctors say I could be allergic. It got me thinking – What are the different types of allergic diseases?
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An allergy is your immune system’s reaction to a substance it considers harmful. Allergies can be of different types, but the most common allergies include: • Drug Allergy: A handful of people are truly allergic to drugs. But most drug reactions aren’t allergic, they’re merely the side effects of the medicine. • Food Allergy: People have different kinds of allergic reactions to foods. There are variations between non-IgE mediated allergies, IgE-mediated allergies, and food intolerances. • Insect Allergy: Fire ants, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps and bees are the predominant stinging insects that lead to allergic reactions. Non-stinging insects like dust mites and cockroaches may also cause allergies. • Latex Allergy: This allergy is a reaction to natural rubber latex. Patients should avoid products containing latex like condoms, gloves, balloons, and latex gloves. • Mold Allergy: Mildew and mold are fungi. Due to the growth of fungi in different places, both indoors and outdoors, allergic reactions take place throughout the year.

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