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is type 1 diabetes causd by inc eating f sugar lk typ 2 diabetez is caused? Wt r d risk factors f this problem? Im an old man….58..is it come with old age?
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Type 1 diabetes can emerge at any point of time in life although it mostly develops during childhood, between 4-7 or 10-14 years of age. In this disease, there’s insulin deficiency in the body as the pancreatic cells that produce insulin get damaged. Approximately 5% of people having type 2 diabetes develop type 1 diabetes. But its causes and risk factors are different from type 2 diabetes and include certain viruses (mumps, German measles and coxsackie), pre-existence of autoimmune conditions (multiple sclerosis, Addison's anemia and Graves' disease), family history (parent(s) or sibling(s) with type 1 diabetes), early diet (cow milk consumption during early years of life), race, ethnicity (white races are more prone than others) and geography (the farther you live from the equator the more vulnerable you are).

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