hw r penile implants as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction? R thr any side effects? Is it successful in India? Can people see that implants are there in a man’s body?
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Penile prostheses or implants involve placement of artificial devices into the erection chambers of the penis. A prevalent type – implantation of a pair of bendable/malleable rods – makes the penis stiff enough so that only lifting it up is needed for intercourse. Inflatable devices, on the other hand, give you the freedom to choose when you want to have an erection. Prosthesis reports high efficacy with the implants being able to bring on desired erections and deliver the wanted satisfaction in most cases. Also, you need not worry as implants are hardly observable by others except for the patient himself who will see a minor surgical scar in the penile area. However, complications that may come with this surgery include infections, particularly for diabetics and those with spinal cord injuries and scar tissue build up. Implants may also not be successfully executed making re-operation, repair or removal due to mechanical failures necessary. Internal erosion of the tissue surrounding the implant may also require its removal. While penile implants have no impact on ejaculation, the pleasure sensed by the skin of the penis during orgasms and attainment of natural erections may be rendered impossible once the penile prosthesis is surgically placed.

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