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my small baby has malnutrition doctor. Got to know by doctor when I showed him. He is a 2 year old boy. Doctor says he can be treated with therapeutic food…..how to prepare that? wt recipe for It? Is it a good treatment?
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Childhood malnutrition is treatable with additional nutrients, be it in the form of supplements or high-energy, nutritious foods. The recipe to make therapeutic food for malnutritioned children is simple. You will require four ingredients to prepare it and it works well for children under five years of age. Mix sugar, dried skimmed milk, oil and a vitamin and mineral supplement in a bowl. You can also add oats, groundnuts and oil seeds to this preparation. Once ready, the food will serve as a great source of essential proteins and micronutrients, and provide good amount of energy to children. Do not cook it and feed the substance directly to your child for some days, until you observe improvements in his health.

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