someone told mee one could have dry skin and not necessarily that be dandruff, you know. So I wanted to know how to know the two things clearly &properly? like, how so i know what I haves? What are the symptoms of dandruff and what are the symptoms of just dryness in a scalp?
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When the scalp does not produce or retain moisture, the condition is called dry scalp. On the other hand, dandruff is caused by oily or sensitive scalp, fungal or other scalp infections or other different reasons. The scalp feels irritated, itches, and sheds flakes in both the conditions. However, a dry scalp sheds whiter and smaller flakes whereas dandruff flakes tend to be larger, oily and could have a yellow tinge. In case of dandruff, the hair also becomes greasy, the scalp oily and there is intense itching without any dryness on the scalp. Yet, you should remember that it is possible to have both dandruff and dry scalp together, in which case symptoms of both the conditions will be noticeable.

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