iv bin prescribed a steroid cream for my psoriasis on face. Heard that steroids are too strong medicines with many side effects..is tht true?
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Well, topical steroids are anti-inflammatory drugs that decrease redness and swelling in psoriasis. They vary in their strength, ranging from strong, medium to low strength steroids. Some of their potential side effects include skin thinning, bruising, redness, pigmentation changes, dilated surface blood vessels, stretch marks etc. In case of long-term use or application over large body areas, steroids can pose risk to internal organs as a result of deep penetration through the skin. However, when used with caution and with doctor’s consultation in the recommended manner, steroids prove safe and effective. For example, few general tips for using steroids are: you should apply only a small quantity of any steroid and on the affected areas alone. Application beyond 3 weeks should be undertaken only after doctor’s approval. As you’ve psoriasis on face, which is a sensitive skin area, you need to be extra vigilant about the side effects. Prefer low-strength steroids that are better in doing the job in key sensitive areas.

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