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My name is Mina. Mother of 2 children. But my oldest 17is diagnosed with , social anxiety. We will give treatment with doctor but I want to know how to provide support for social anxiety so it is easier for daughter. Help needed.
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Any family member diagnosed with social anxiety disorder will experience various challenges. A supportive network of family and friends will yield better treatment results and make the recovery process smoother. The first thing you need to do is brush up on your knowledge of social anxiety disorder. The more you learn about the symptoms and effective treatments, the more you can put your daughter’s mind at ease. Also, do not enable the patient. Do not attempt to help her avoid anxiety-provoking situations. If the patient is unsure about receiving treatment, listen to her concerns. Gently encourage her to get the necessary treatment, and help her complete the treatment process if it has already begun. Maintain a fixed routine and be sure to praise small accomplishments.

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