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Female 22. For the longest time, I have had trouble going out in public or speaking to new people. I feel very uncomfortable and find it difficult to be in social situations. My parents finally took me to a doctor and I have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. Now, of course I wish to get better and will follow the recommended mode of treatment, but I still would like to know about some self-help methods.
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Self-help is a good starting point to overcome SAD symptoms. Identify the social skills that need work and focus on enhancing them so you can better cope with emotions and thoughts associated with social anxiety disorder. Learn to be assertive and try communicating your needs in a relaxed, calm manner that respects others. As far as verbal communication is concerned, know how to initiate a conversation, keep them going and listen carefully to what others are saying. Try facing the anxiety-provoking situations rather than avoiding them. Know how to deal with anxiety with the help of a psychologist.

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