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My wife kps warning m tht my chain smoking cn cause srs sexual problems like erectile dysfunction…is tht tru? Wt effects smoke hs on sex life?
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Definitely, your spouse has a point. Every time there’s an arousal, the penile arteries carry blood to the penis to cause an erection. However, chemicals in cigarettes damage blood vessels lining, including the penile vessels. This deterioration of vessel functioning may manifest as ED. Research warns that smokers, particularly young men, are more prone to sexual dysfunction than generic population. Heavy smoking amplifies your vulnerability manifolds. Also, smoking wanes your cardiac health extensively and heart disorders are one of the biggest causes of ED. However, you can find a ray of hope in quitting smoking. It will greatly better your cardio-vascular health, bringing about positive outcomes for your sexual health. As ED hasn’t onset in your case yet, quitting smoking can be key in preventing it.

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