Wt are wet wraps? How do they work as eczema treatment? How should I use them on my skin?
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Wet wrapping is one of the fastest means to curb itching and cool down skin during flare-ups. It helps the skin sustain moisture for long and enhances the absorption of topical medications into the skin. Foremost, you need to take a lukewarm bath, followed by moisturizing and medicine application. Now, pick clean, cotton wraps and dab them in warm water. Dress the affected areas with the moist wraps and wrap a dry dressing around (cotton clothes or wear a sweat suit). Let the wet wraps stay for hours on end or even overnight, as long as they don’t dry out. Moisturize again on removing all the dressings. Take up this activity twice or thrice a day for a few days, after consulting your dermatologist.

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