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My girlfriend Antareepa is having OCD problems from some time ago. She does not know how to solve problem. She is just 21 year of age and we plan to have family. She needs treatment. But to be sure, Im asking about the signs and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder?
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OCD comprises of obsessions and compulsions. However, many patients exhibit only one set of traits. Patients fail to realize that their behavior is excessive or unreasonable. The truth is, their behavior interferes with their regular routine alongside work or social functioning. Some symptoms associated with obsession include repeated and persistent images, urges or thoughts that trigger anxiety. Most patients ignore or eliminate them but they affect normal activities. Obsessive behavior includes fear of dirt or contamination, aggressive thoughts, and thoughts of self-harm. Compulsion involves repetitive behaviors that the patient must perform. These activities, either mental or physical, minimize or prevent anxiety stemming from obsessions to avoid something bad. However, engaging in compulsions does not offer any pleasure and only gives temporary relief from anxiety.

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