Shivani here. Mother of 7 year old girl. My daughter is happy and healthy child but after bite from ant fall into health trouble. Can insect sting lead to allergies. If yes, what are some signs and symptoms of the problem?
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The site of the sting may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms: • Redness • Pain • Itching • Warmth • Spots resembling pimples • Mild or moderate swelling In some instances, anaphylactic shock – a severe allergic reaction – may occur. In these instances, the allergies must be treated as an emergency. Some of the more severe symptoms include: • Hives that resemble itchy, red rash • Breathing difficulties • Sharp decline in blood pressure or dizziness • Anxiety and restlessness • Rapid pulse • Swelling of the throat, tongue, mouth, and other parts of the face

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