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My nightwear gts wet in d mrng so many times in a month……the leaky thing falls here n thr v. frequently, making m feel concerned n ashamed. Im 24 and its not stopping..at wt age nightfall z supposed to stop totally? And till then will it cause side effects in my body?
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Dr. Raveendran SR

Diabetologist, Sexologist, Medical Microbiologist

There is no definite age at which nightfall stops completely. It commences with puberty and may continue till any point in your adult life. Each case is different. Some middle-aged men or elderly individuals struggle with nightfall. However, since you’re young, you need not fret too much as the condition is perfectly normal at this age. Medical care is required only when your nightfall is excessive, more than four to five times a week. Then it starts draining your energy, leaving you feeling weak and weary. It may destabilize your hormonal levels, cause hair loss or back pain. Also, while it’s a misconception that nightfall reduces sperm count, erection issues and decreased sexual drive may result from frequent nightfall. In severe cases, pain in testicles and pelvic region or premature ejaculation may be observed.

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