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ivnt been able to pass stools properly fr 2 months..wn I do it its so hard n painful…..n like just 1c in a week….hv constipation for this long….showed 2 doctor but d medicine nt working well……suggest sm treatment fr severe constipation pls. but sm natural thing, no medicine pleazze.
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Start by including more and more fiber in your diet. Eat lots of fruits, veggies and whole grains. Prunes or dried plums are a great remedy for constipation due to their high fiber content. Fiber adds bulk and water to stools. Sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, found in prunes moves water into the colon and its phenolic compounds stimulate gut bacteria, triggering laxative action. You should also avoid dairy products and non-veg, although eating high fiber fish is alright. Drinking lots of water is important too to trigger bowel movement.

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