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hi doctor. I need a good self healing meditation technique for my grandmom. She’s 66 and has diabetes n cholesterol prob.s. she askd me for what exercises suits her at this age..
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Senior citizens can easily practice this form of meditation. Sit on the floor with your eyes closed in Padmasana. You can even take a cushioned chair if sitting on the floor is uncomfortable. Physically touching the ground helps connect the earth with your body more firmly. While sitting on a chair, make it a point to rest your feet on the floor. Your back ought to be erect to enable deep breathing. As in meditation, start focusing on your breath, drawing air in and out slowly. You can even count your breath or chant a mantra repeatedly. Now, try to delve deep into the present moment and avoid distractions. However, just let the thoughts pass through your mind gently. Do not judge anything or forcefully try to empty your mind. The mind may stray but do not try to pull it back forcibly or criticize yourself for not being able to meditate properly. Remember it is relaxing time for your mind and body. Practice this exercise daily and you will learn to control your thoughts with the passage of time.

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