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Everyone suffers from the occasional case of constipation, but it is a cause for concern if it becomes a recurring problem. If you have any questions about constipation, feel free to go through hundreds of user-submitted questions and related answers from verified doctors in our QnA section.


Asthma causes your airways to constrict and produce extra mucus, leading to breathing difficulties and coughing. Asthma is a minor nuisance for some but for others it can be life-threatening. Brush up on your knowledge of asthma by reading popular user questions and expert answers in our QnA section.

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People and doctor sadvise me to increase lung capacity, but how can I do this? I have COPD. Been 4 months when I got the disease. What to tell it makes me huff huff so much when I do any house work, cycle, go walk or dance. I get tired sooooo early, Therefore I want to know some exercises to increase my lung capacity so I not struggle for breathe.
Answered by
Dr. Shipra Kumari (PT)
Flow of air to and from the lungs is crucial for the health of our vital organs. The breathing exercises below listed can help you improve your lung capacity: • Pursed Lip Breathing: This exercise involves keeping the airways open for longer to increase air flow. It is good for people whose breathing muscles are not used regularly due to their low physical activity level. It is also beneficial for COPD patients who often gasp for breath while exercising. They can pause and practice pursed lip breathing for brief intervals until their breathlessness subsides. To perform this exercise, sit straight. An upright posture helps improve lung movement. Now, going slow, inhale deeply through the nose. Exhale through the mouth for twice as long as you inhaled while keeping your lips pursued. Practice the exercise for 5 to 10 minutes daily to improve lung functioning. • Interval Training: It is useful for people facing breathing issues, such as breathlessness or shortness of breath while exercising. It involves taking up a challenging exercise followed by a slower recovery period. This is to let the lungs recover between the challenging sessions. For example, walking speedily for a minute and then walking slowly for 2 minutes or weightlifting for a minute and then walking at a moderate pace for 2 to 3 minutes.