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I fear how will I do in bed….im being unable to get an erection due to my fear…….pls help me. Is my psychological fear only causing this impotency? Or I cud hv any other problem? Do u think I shud c an erectile dysfunction doctor?
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Stressing over how you will perform sexually or satisfy your partner can develop into performance anxiety and in turn, erectile dysfunction. Feelings of incapability and hopelessness may dawn when your deep sexual expectations are not fulfilled. Erectile dysfunction may be the outcome of this poor self-image. Your thoughts have a direct bearing on your sexual abilities. Penis size, physical build, body image, past sexual failures or perceptions of manliness, together with general distressful aspects of your life like finances, work or domestic fights can cause performance anxiety. Declining sexual drive may accompany erectile dysfunction in such cases. You should zone out from previous sexual failures, if any, considering them to be normal, happening occasionally with everyone. Being fixated on bad experiences will cause erectile dysfunction to linger on. Instead of fretting over your performance, self-perception or what your partner may be thinking, indulge in the sensory pleasures of sexual activity and shift focus onto your partner. Music, aroma, attire, decoration and more may help. Next, do everything you can to bring down your stress level like eating healthy, exercise and recreations. Guided imagery therapy, sex therapy and sex education are high-level treatments in case self-help techniques fail. You can invite your partner to your counseling sessions and speak your heart out to her regarding your anxieties. Telling the exact cause of your erectile dysfunction is difficult at the moment. If it doesn’t go after the said treatments or worsens, you may need physical examinations and specialists to nab the root cause.

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