My nails are breaking a lot these days. Small small dents are coming on both my finger and toe nails. The colour at the top is changing yellow. And the nails are becoming thick in some areas. Is it nail psoriasis? If yes, what treatment do u suggest?
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Most cases of psoriasis report issues with their nails. If you’re a previous psoriasis sufferer, chances are that your nails are deteriorating in response to this disease. Only in rare cases, nail psoriasis occurs standalone without affecting other body areas. Signs of nail psoriasis include much the same of what you seem to be experiencing. Pitting, discoloring (white/yellow/brown/red), drying and thickening of nails happen that may as well disfigure, turn fragile and detach from base – the nail bed. Buildup under the nails, accompanied by aching or tenderness, may elevate them slightly. There may be bleeding underneath the nails. However, note that nail fungus is a related condition that shares some symptoms with nail psoriasis. You can rule out the possibility of a fungal infection by checking for a nasty smell emitting from nails which is a symptom of fungus. Topical steroids, vitamin D ointments, retinoid creams, biologics, corticosteroid injections, phototherapy, surgery or systemic medications are the treatments for nail psoriasis depending on severity. Nail fungus is treated with antifungal creams or drugs, ciclopirox or surgical removals.

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