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is sunlight okay for m if iv psoriasis on my skin? If yes, how long cn I stay outside and do I need to apply a sunscreen also?
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You can sunbathe for some time even if you have psoriasis. Ultraviolet B rays of natural sunlight can help improve symptoms of psoriasis by pacing down skin growth and its flaking. Vitamin D acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the whole of your body. Natural sunlight can also induce your body’s ability to produce vitamin D that’s good for our immune function. You can start by staying outdoors for 5 to 10 minutes every day as sunbathing for longer can make you prone to sunburns and skin cancer (melanoma). Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen on areas unaffected by psoriasis and also put on a pair of sunshades when stepping out. If your skin is able to tolerate sunlight, you can take the exposure up by 30 seconds a day.

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