Iv psoriasis frm 2 years. I use creams and tk medicines. I got the good news a few days bk. i want to know if psoriasis can cause harm to my baby and what cautions I need to take in this condition?
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You need not worry as psoriasis will never get into your way of a healthy delivery. However, caution is a must for the medications you take as some psoriasis drugs can potentially cause a miscarriage or harm the fetus in other serious ways. Following medicines may need to be avoided before, during and/or after pregnancy while breastfeeding: Topical retinoids like tazarotene should be avoided from at least a fortnight before conception. Oral retinoids are more detrimental since they cause birth defects in babies. Doctors advise pausing the intake of acitretin at least 2years before conception and of isotretinoin at least 6 month in advance. Commonly used drugs like methotrexate can adversely affect pregnancy. Calcipotriene has also been seen as risky whereas PUVA treatment may cause abnormal fetal growth. If you are psoriatic patient and having an unplanned baby; please pay a visit to your dermatologist at the earliest, you may need to readjust your therapy. We also recommend that you consult your doctor for all oral medicines well ahead in time when planning a baby.

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