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is prevention of infertility in males & females bodiezz possible? Can we take steps in advance to avoid being barren? i n my husband want a child afrtrr 1-2 years, but not now, but we keep reading in news how these days so many things can cause infertility in couples.....so wanted ur tips on prevention of ds problem know..m 32 n husabnd is 34. thnkyou.
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Being over or underweight increases the risk of ovulation disorders in females. Caffeine intake must be restricted as well. Maintain strict personal hygiene standards and go for annual check-ups to a gynecologist if you have an active sex life. Likewise, men are also advised to avoid exposure to heavy metals, toxins and pesticides. Maintain a healthy body weight and get sufficient sleep. A couple interested in having a baby is advised to manage their daily stress better. Also, quit smoking and avoid alcohol and drugs completely. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is equally important.

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