I am 34 and my wife is 29 year old. Since birth of our child 4 months ago, she has been acting strange. Our doctor said it could be postpartum depression. What is this?
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Postpartum depression is a mental illness that affects women who’ve given birth. Postpartum depression maximizes feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, worthlessness, and restlessness. Patients have mood swings and tend to feel depressed, lose their appetite, have difficulty concentrating, and suffer from lack of sleep, even while the baby is sleeping. The symptoms normally begin about 3 to 4 days following delivery and tend to last several days. While baby blues are a normal part of early motherhood, they generally dissipate within 10 days of delivery but postpartum depression lasts for some time. Typically, it arises due to hormonal changes, psychological adjustment, fatigue, and postnatal depression.

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