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Doctor sir, I have always had problem with trees and shrubs and bushes. My skin becomes red and itches sometimes. I got tested and I have plant allergies. Which plants should I avoid if I have plant allergies?
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When a person is allergic to plants, he/she is actually allergic to the airborne pollen of the plants. Specific types of plants trigger allergic reactions like: • Ragweed: This is a very allergenic plant. Almost 75 percent of people with pollen allergies have the condition due to ragweed. What’s more, ragweed is a very common plant and there are lots of different varieties. • Rye Grass: This grass is highly allergenic, and releases pollen once they flower. This is why the grass needs to be kept short and trimmed. Moreover, rye grass is prone to mold, which makes it more problematic. • Pigweed: Pigweed is a kind of weed with different species, including tumbleweed and pigweed. This aggressive plant reproduces by seed.

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