is thr an Ayurveda cure which can fix my erectile dysfunction prob. forever? I tried a few herbs bt the problem comes again wn I stop tkng them….is thr any permanent cure?
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The root cause of ED determines if a relief will be short-lived or permanent. Stress, anxiety or depression-induced ED can be resolved once and for all. So can drug-induced ED by substituting the faulty medications with alternatives. Shedding weight, quitting smoking, drugs or alcohol and regular exercising could be permanent solutions in some cases. Among ED treatments, penile surgeries could offer a long-lasting solution to some patients unless complications arise. However, even if other remedies are bearing temporary fruits, as in your case, you can try settling on an easy therapy that’s suitable for regular dependence. For example, chewing 3-4 raw garlic cloves every day can revive your erectile functions. Allicin in garlic enhances blood flow and defends against testicular oxidative stress. Other natural treatments include regular exercising, various herbs, bettering sleep schedules and different lifestyle alterations. Medical treatments can be sought in PDE-5 inhibitors/oral drugs, intracavernous injections, vacuum erection, intraurethral suppositories, penile implants or shockwave therapy. As noted, the cause and condition of your impotence will decide your best possible treatment.

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