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Devdoot here. Shivani my wife but she is sick. With PCOS. Doctor said she needs medical treatment. But i am asking is there a way to cure PCOS naturally?
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Dr. Madhu Gupta

Gynecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon (Obs & Gyn)

Natural cures for PCOS exist and some of the most effective ones include: • Acupuncture: This is a great option for reducing cysts and improving insulin sensitivity. This alternative therapy improves blood flow to the ovaries as well as blood glucose levels. Apart from that, it also works wonders by reducing cortisol levels in the body connected to weight gain. These natural remedies with a few lifestyle changes can help your body cope with the problem of PCOS. • Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Managing PCOS is easier when you’re not consuming foods that worsen your condition. A diet low in inflammatory food can not only promote weight loss but also improve cholesterol issues, hormone levels, and blood pressure. Some common anti-inflammatory foods include ginger, onions, turmeric, extra virgin olive oil, and pomegranate juice. • Green Tea: Sipping on green tea is a great way to reduce both insulin levels and free testosterone.

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