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Im Nutan. 31 F. I have a problem and need solution. I am pregnant but doctor discover ovarian cyst during this time. Now he says treatment is necessary. What can be the risks?
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Dr. Sankar Das Mahapatra

Obstetrician, Infertility Specialist, Gynecologist

The impact of ovarian cyst on pregnancy is variable. The risks usually depend on the kind of cyst that has developed at the time of pregnancy as well as the size of the cyst. Ovarian cysts that increase in size take up a lot of space and apply pressure on the urinary bladder. The worst case scenario is when the cyst bursts and pours its contents into the body’s abdominal cavity. In a few cases, the cyst pedicle becomes twisted and cuts off the blood supply. In such cases, the cyst might die and increase the risk of severe peritonitis, which is an inflammation of the abdominal cavity lining.

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