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Raj my husband is 29 years old and suffers from OCD. We recently got married and I understood later that he is unwell. Doctor thinks the causes of his OCD may be genetic, but I would still like to know more about the associated risk factors of this disorder. Thank you in advance.
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Some of the common risk factors of OCD include: • Genetics: Nearly 50 percent of the risk for developing OCD depends on the genes. People with family members affected by OCD are at greater risk. • Gender: Males have a higher possibility of developing OCD during childhood. Following puberty, however, the risk of developing the condition is roughly the same for both males and females. • Brain Structure: A connection is present between brain irregularities and OCD symptoms. • Personality: Personality traits often suggest a susceptibility to developing OCD. • Socioeconomic Status: People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds have a higher chance of developing OCD. • Mental Illness: Anxiety disorders and other mental illnesses may be risk factors of OCD. • Age: People are at greater risk of developing OCD symptoms during late adolescence. • Life Events: Traumatic or stressful life events often cause OCD.

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