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OCD problem with son Karan now he is 18 doc say problem need proper care and nt only medicine. What is the best way to tackle the problem of anxiety treatment?
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The best plans for treating the problem of OCD are threefold: • Education: The correct resources can empower individuals. Patients need to educate themselves regarding the symptoms of the problem and the treatment options. This helps them gain the strength to share their story with family, friends, and practitioners. They also achieve the confidence required to play an active role in the treatment plan, which determines the success of the overall treatment. • Lifestyle: Lifestyle choices play an important role. Creative expression, exercise, mindfulness practice, and nutrition have a positive impact on OCD patients. Meditate twice daily for 10 minutes. Not only does meditation relax the nervous system, it also boosts the effects of ERP therapy. • Treatment: The main treatment option is ERP therapy, which exposes the patient to objects, thoughts, and images triggering anxiety, and provides them the tools needed to prevent anxiety with rituals and compulsions.

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