How is the diagnosis of obesity done doctor? I know how to find out the bmi. I googled it. But anything else is there done or not? Like any lab test? Urine test? Blood test? Should I need to visit a clinic for this?
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BMI is an important yardstick to measure a person's body fat that takes into consideration his/her height and weight. However, there exist other criteria as well to measure body fat including waist-to-hip circumference ratio, waist circumference, thickness of skinfolds and ultrasound. Usually, when a person falls in the obese range as per BMI calculator, the doctor examines his/her medical history in detail. In addition, the doctor conducts certain physical examinations for more accurate analysis. These exams and tests include a general physical exam, blood tests, measuring the waist circumference and checking for presence of other health issues. Only an appointment with your doctor can let you know if these tests are required in your case. You can start by calculating your BMI. In case you classy in the overweight or obese ranges, visit your doctor immediately.

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