What is the limit for becoming obese during pregnancy? Because I feel m gtng fat fat everyday. My family feeds me so much. But I dnt want my weight to become a problem for delivery and for the child. I think ill become obese with so much eating daily. Pls tell. Does it harmful to child very very much? My weight before I got pregnant was 60 kgs, now it is 67 kgs, in 5th month. Height my is 5.2.
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Pre-pregnancy BMI and the mother’s and the baby's health determine how much weight gain is healthy for a pregnant woman. Given your weight and height, your pre pregnancy BMI was normal (between 18.5 and 24.9). Therefore, can you put on around 11-16 kilos during these nine months. Obesity during pregnancy can prove harmful for both the mother and the baby. Several pregnancy complications can arise, including miscarriage, repeated miscarriage, stillbirth, gestational diabetes, sleep apnea, difficult vaginal delivery, cardiac dysfunction and need for C-section along with the risk of its related complications (wound infections, etc.) Preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition marked by high blood pressure in pregnant women who did not suffer with the problem before can also arise. Further, obesity during pregnancy poses health issues for the baby as well. He/she may be born with fetal macrosomia which is a condition of the newborn being significantly larger and with body fat greater than normal. Fetal macrosomia can lead to injury to the baby during delivery, low blood sugar of the baby at birth, childhood obesity and metabolic syndrome in childhood. It also increases the baby’s risk of developing obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes in adulthood. Secondly, an obese mother may cause birth defects in the baby, defects that would be more difficult to detect in ultrasound due to her obesity.

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